• etc.venues Avonmouth House, London, UK
  • 9 October 2019

Please note: workshops take place the day after the conference and tickets are sold separately. Only one ticket is valid per person per workshop.

Diving into Selenium

Wanting to get into WebDriver, but don’t know where to start? Then this class is for you, we will learn all the basics and more, to give you a real foundation to start your Selenium WebDriver journey. We'll also cover how to get the most out of your testing framework.

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Andrew Krug

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid can be a bit daunting to get up and running. Starting it is quite easy, but using it effectively can require pulling in third-party tools. In this workshop we’ll cover how to run your grid effectively, using best practices culled from several large grid installations.

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Diego Molina
Manoj Kumar
Marcus Merrell

Fix a Bug, Become a Committer

Have you ever wondered how Selenium works under the covers? What happens between "" and the click actually happening in the browser? How does that work with Grid? How can we add features to Selenium itself? What about the W3C WebDriver standard? How can we change that? In short, how does Selenium work?

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Simon Stewart

Advanced Appium

Learn about advanced concepts in Appium. We'll learn how to write a single script for Android, iOS and mobile web apps. Once our tests are established, we will work on framework design and report. We'll also have a detailed look at how can we automate various mobile gestures using TouchActions and mobile endpoints in Appium and running distributed tests in parallel on various emulators and simulators.

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Sai Krishna
Srinivasan Sekar

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